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Snaptik | SSSTiktok video downloader is completely free and no need to pay or even login to download. Download tiktok videos without watermark for free with ssstik.

No, Ssstik | SNaptik doesn't require any extenshion to install into your browser and system. It is very simple to download. Just paste link and download.

In Android, your downloaded videos are saved in Gallery. Altough in iphone document app is used to download and saved videos are in document app. You can export in Photos.

You don't need tiktok account to download videos. Snaptik just require video link and your video will be downloaded.

snaptik | ssstiktok doesn't download videos from private accounts. Account should be public to download videos with ssstik.

Buka aplikasi TikTok dan Pilih video yang ingin Anda simpan. Klik "Bagikan" lalu "Salin Tautan". Unduhan video TikTok Anda tanpa URL tanda air sudah siap di papan klip Anda.